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About Us

  • Our goal is to help your child develop a stable learning foundation, confidence, and self-learning skills. We believe that this will help them become more successful in their future. We also hope that this will help your child achieve their dreams.

  • Every child hopes to do well. However, many don't know if they have the ability to do so. In order to succeed, they need to find the mindset that they are able to do it. At AAE, we hope to help your child find that mindset and have the ability to improve even when no one is watching. 

Working from Home
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Our program

Our program is based on what we wish we had in elementary. We want to be able to inspire and guide your child to find their own voice and thoughts in the world of literature and mathematics. As students who grew up in both a public and independent school environment, we have a good understanding of what is expected from the students in both school systems.  Our goal is not only help students reach the expected level for their age, but also to help them exceed in their learning.

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Our Team

Getting to know our learning journey.


Helen Xu

Founder/ Manager

When I was in grade three, I dreamed of being able to read a storybook by myself. I was fascinated by the stories my teachers had read to me and wanted more than anything to be able to read one by myself. Once my parents managed to help me find an affordable English teacher, I started my learning journey. It started off with very simple books that were way below the expected reading level for my age. At first, I would stop every two or three words in, struggling to understand or pronounce the word that I saw on the endless page of words. I remember getting very frustrated at myself for not being able to read, even one, fluent sentence. With my teacher's encouragement and patience, I started to notice some progress over time. Although it was slow, I still felt very proud of myself. From that day forward, my biggest motivator was the improvement I was seeing in myself. Gaining more confidence with every little breakthrough I made.

  As a result of my past experiences, I hope to help other children through the tough times in their learning journey. I want to be able to help them gain confidence and in themselves, grow, be able to motivate themselves, and eventually exceed beyond their own expectations.

Courtney Castres

English Department Head

Though English was my first language, when I was first introduced to it, I had to overcome many literary challenges, one of them being public speaking. I could comprehend what the text was and knew what words I had to use, but I just couldn’t seem to read the text out loud. This caused me to be very shy and self conscious of my English abilities. I never put my hand up to read in class, in constant fear of messing up, stuttering, and embarrassing myself, when all the other kids seemed to speak so easily. That made me very frustrated.  But slowly, with the right environment, supportive teachers, and hard work,  I started to come out of my shell and embrace the English language. 

  Ever since that experience, I had always known that I wanted to help kids learn English. Those kids who are shy like I once was, a mind with countless thoughts and ideas that are just waiting to be released. I wish to be one of those people who can help them show the world what great things us kids can do, be there as their “rock” they can lean on, and most importantly, that they can have the ground that they need to succeed. It may take hard work, but we will get there, one word at a time.

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